PHOTO: JE & GA Howley sold these 16 Ang X Ang steers at store sale today to Landmark international,  topping the market at 438c/kg. (306.6kg) averaging $1344.11per head. (sold by Rodwells) 

Total Yarding: 3’261

WVLX’s February store sale brought a large turnout of buyers, vendors, agents and onlookers with plenty of weight in the yarding. The market began strong with 500-800kg cattle making up to 337c/kg. 400-500kg cattle were making 380 to 392c/kg. As the sale proceeded to the lighter cattle that ranged between 350-450kg a major lift was created in the job as live export orders competed fiercely with restockers, feedlots and other buyers as the cattle topped out at 438c/kg. A lot of cattle reached 400c/kg today which was well above expectations. Weaner cattle stayed solid as cattle made between 400c/kg and 438c/kg. 

Moving on to Open auction cattle,  as the market stayed content as a large run of Moyne Falls cattle topped out at $1390 down to $1060 per head. Open auction limousin cattle were also on offer from $1150 down to $820 for smaller calves. The Heifer section showed plenty of weight with 5-6 feedlotters operating  here with prices staying firm as they topped out at 372c with most making from 330c to 360c for black and baldy cattle. Plenty of EU cattle pushing out again to 372c. Weaner heifers were heavier than usual but still maintained a great market topping at 340c to 360. Open auction heifers did exceptionally well  with black cattle making $1060 with most open auction heifers keeping above $1000 to purchase. 

Although there weren’t a lot of cows and calves on offer today they still made exceptional money with cows and calves making $2380. The joined cattle market stayed firm with PTIC Angus heifers making $2050 p/head and a few pens of joined cows making $1880. A run of crossbred steers making from 265c to 280c and a handful of friesian steers making 260c to 267c.