J.W & A.G Suares sold these 5 Limo X steers at the top price of 330c/kg and averaged $1448.70 p/hd. 

(Sold by HF Richardson)



Total Yarding: 693

Prices continued to increase at Mortlake where agents yarded 693 cattle and the quality was very good. The usual processors attended and most operated fully with more urgency in a market that was dearer. Milk vealers were 20c/kg dearer. The yearling steers and heifers were 10c to 20c/kg higher. Grown steers and heifers were 10c to 20c better and cows also dearer by 10c to 12c/kg over all weights and grades. A strong feeder presence saw feeders paying up to 316c/kg for suitable lines. The market comprised of 55 bullocks, 454 trade cattle, 179 cows and 5 bulls.

Milk vealers made from 285c to 328c, restokers paying to 316c/kg. Yearling steers sold from 285c to 330c, restockers paying to 311c and the heifers 265c to 287c, with restockers paying to 250c/kg.

Grown steers made from 280 to 320c, with restockers to 288c and grown heifers sold from 270c to 328c, with restockers paying to 308c/kg. Manufacturing steers made from 180c to 254c/kg. Cows, C3 and C4, sold from 264c to 287c/kg. The C2 cows sold from 244c to 264c, while light cows sold from 180c to 240c and restockers paying to 236c/kg. Beef bred bulls made to 285c/kg.