PHOTO: Bidding was keen for these Emmanuel College steers & heifers today at WVLX in Mortlake, with Elders Kerr & Co selling the Hereford X steer for the market top of 596c/kg, returning $2169ph.

Total Yarding: 476

The usual following of buyers attended the larger yarding of 476 mixed quality cattle, 108 head more than last sale. Prices were on average 20c/kg higher for young cattle and beef bred grown steers. Beef cows were 15c to 20c cheaper and better covered dairy cows lost all of last weeks 50c/kg gain. Leaner dairy cows made 10c/kg more and the poor to plain conditioned cows remained mostly unchanged. Beef bulls lifted by an average of 40c/kg.

The odd few vealers made from 499c to 596c with yearlings making from 450c to 504c and restockers paying to a top of 570c/kg. The plainer and dairy bred yearlings made between 360c and 460c/kg.

Grown steers sold from 448c to 488c/kg to processors and restockers. Friesian steers made to 380c and beef bred grown heifers made from 460c to 470c/kg. Beef bred cows sold from 360c to 470c with the dairy portion making from 350c to 400c/kg. The leaner dairy cows sold from 334c to 358c and the poor to plain conditioned cows sold from 270c to 340c/kg. Beef bulls made from 324c to 380c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click HERE for full WVLX market report.