Prime Sale Market 13 January 2020


Top: Today at WVLX these 13 Charolaise X Steers made a great 299.0 c/kg, ($1269.60). Sold by Elders Kerr & Co

Agents yarded 532 cattle at Mortlake today representing an increase of 206, where the quality for the grown cattle and younger cattle was excellent, however the offering of cows was limited to medium and light weights, with only two or three pens of very good beef cows on offer. All the regular processors and buyers were in attendance and operated on a market that was fully firm on last week’s sale. The yarding consisted of 214 grown cattle, 229 young cattle, 68 cows and 12 bulls.

The C muscled vealers sold from 220c to 288c/kg. Feeders were active and paid to 253c for vealers and yearlings sold to 248c/kg. Yearlings to the trade made from 212c to 285c with feeders paying up to 263c/kg. Heavy weight C3 and C4 beef cows made from 190c to 220c and the D2 cows made from 166c to 188c, with the light D1 and E1 cows making from 90c to 156c/kg. Bulls of all breeds made from 169c to 230c/kg.