PHOTO: Topping the market today was this pen of lighter weight Angus X steers that Elders Kerr & Co sold for a high 630c/kg, returning $2037ph for Red Rock Rural Company.

Total Yarding: 523

The usual field of buyers operated on the overall good quality yarding of 523 cattle, 22 more. Steady but stronger competition saw prices slightly higher for most categories with grown steers and cows a general 5c to 15c/kg dearer. Vealers and the yearling steers sold up to 10c better but most yearling heifers averaged 10c/kg cheaper.

Processors paid from 488c to 532c for vealers while restockers purchased them from 505c to 576c with two top sales at 614c and 630c/kg. Yearling steers made 448c to 535c and restockers paid 465c to 572c/kg. The yearling heifers sold between 410c and 470c with a top at 510c and restockers mostly paid between 420c and 510c with the best at 530c/kg. The few plain and dairy bred yearlings were mainly from 370c to 420c with restockers going to 442c/kg.

Processors paid between 424c and 478c for grown steers with older bullocks and extra heavy weights from 388c to 442c/kg. Restockers purchased between 428c and 485c with lighter and younger steers from 505c to 512c/kg. Friesian steers made 385c to 420c with plainer conditioned 358c to 370c/kg.

Beef cows sold from 350c to 368c with younger cows at 378c and 390c/kg. The odd few dairy cows made 338c and 340c with leaner conditioned from 290c to 330c and the poor to plain quality cows mostly 250c to 300c/kg. Restockers paid 300c to 314c/kg for poor to plain quality cows. Just the 4 heavy and extra heavy weight bulls lined up and they made 346c to 378c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. Click here for full report.  Click HERE for full WVLX market report.