PHOTO: Great to meet Kyle, Teghan and little Jack Pearse of Donald selling at the WVLX prime cattle market for the first time today. They sold 71 cattle in total and were more than happy with their results, including the pen of Hereford steers that we snapped lazing around on our soft flooring last night, which Southern Grampians Livestock sold for 270c/kg (ave weight 478kg).

Total Yarding: 790

There was an overall good quality offering in the increased sized yarding of 790 cattle. The regular buyers attended and last week’s restocker buyer on cows was not here, but an additional restocker operated on young cattle. In contrast to last week’s token offering, grown steers were in good supply and their penning was comprised of young through to older and heavier weights. These older and heavier bullocks were severely discounted despite their good quality. Young cattle on average were 10c to 15c cheaper, but the best quality sold equal to 10c/kg easier. Stronger restocker competition saw some of their sales actually sell on a dearer trend. Better covered cows were 2c to 10c easier, but leaner grades were 20c cheaper and poor quality eased 20c to 40c/kg.

The better C muscled vealers made from 250c to 270c, with restockers paying to 276c/kg. Most yearlings sold from 225c to 260c, with the odd best sales making up to 285c/kg. The D2 grade of yearlings received from 185c to 216c, with poor and plain 1 scores mainly making from 67c/kg.

The general run of C muscled grown steers up to 4 tooth sold from 222c to 276c, with those older and some heavier bullocks making from 182c to 228c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 score beef cows sold from 173c to 200c, with the best making 205c/kg. D2 cows made from 135c to 179c, with the D1 grade receiving from 121c to 155c and the few E1 cows sold at 70c, 80c and 110c/kg. Two B2 heavy weight bulls sold from 212c to 214c, with the two C2 bulls receiving 208c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited.

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