PHOTO: This quality pen of Angus bullocks were the highlight of the day at today’s Prime Market in Mortlake and reached a top of 320c/kg, $2172ph (ave weight 678,8kg) sold by Elders Kerr & Co. Bullocks in general were up in price on last week’s market.

Total Yarding: 456

Good rain across the supply area and some very cold weather saw a similar size yarding as last week. Quality was a little better across some categories, with an outstanding pen of bullocks weighing 678kg making 320c/kg. The entire regular buying group was present today, with feedlots and restockers active in a mostly firm market.

The best of the trade weight steers eased due to lack of finish, making from 225c to 259c/kg. There was a slightly better offering of heifers, creating a lift of 3c to receive from 266c to 281c/kg. Feeder cattle were firm, with the better quality steers making from 225c to 257c, as the heifers sold from 230c to 265c/kg. Restockers were keen to participate on the better finished yearlings, taking home a pen of steers for 287c/kg.

Today’s offering of grown steers and bullocks was mixed, with the better C3 and C4 steers and bullocks suiting the processors making from 285c to 320c/kg. The regular offering of mixed quality cows sold in a firm to slightly cheaper market. Good heavy 4 score cows suiting the export buyers sold from 217c to 240c/kg. The middle run of D3 and D4 beef cows received from 170c to 215c, with the light 1 score cows making from 123c to 166c/kg. Only a few bulls sold to the usual buying group, as only one bull with shape sold for 206c/kg.

Market Report: Reproduced courtesy of Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. CLICK HERE for MLA video report. 

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