PHOTO: Congrats to P & S Rea for this cracking pen of 20 Angus Steers at the WVLX February Store Sale that Elders Kerr & Co sold for the market top today of 321c/kg (ave. weight 342.3kg. Along with local and regional buyers, it was great to see such a big lineup of feedlot, processor and re-stocker buyers here today!

Total Yarding: 1,802

The WVLX February Store Sale had an exceptional run of local Western District bred cattle, presented by the vendors in excellent condition. The comfort and presentation of the cattle on the soft flooring and undercover conditions was particularly evident to buyers and lead to strong demand.

The sale for Grown Steers topped at 304c/kg and the Weighed Weaners topped at 321c/kg. Our Open Auction Steers presented in a line of 130 which topped at $880ph, with very strong demand for light-weight open auction steers.

Grown Heifers topped at 277c/kg and Weighed Weaner Heifers topped at 281c/kg, with Open Auction Heifers ranging from $500 – $750ph. PTIC Angus cows topped at $1220ph, to calve mid Winter.

The yarding today was exceptional quality and sold 20-25c/kg dearer than the last store sale. The cattle presented in very forward condition and sold extremely well to keen competition.

There were 105 grown Angus Steers off one Vendor with most pens making between 290-305c/kg. We also had a very good line up of weighed weaners that topped at 321c/kg, with weights of up to 460kg.

In general, the market was very strong for this time of the year, and was comparable to the November store sale.

Market Report: WVLX Agent’s Association President.

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